FEND (Full Energy, No Drugs) is a youth-led community-based opioid education and prevention campaign targeting young people developed by the Preventum Initiative. Unlike the “Just say no” campaigns in the past, FEND encourages youth to engage in their health in a whole new waythrough their smartphones. Smartphones are the primary means of communication for 77% of Americans, and the highest percentage of those who are smartphone dependent are under 30.

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Generating New Ideas

The campaign is rolled out on the FEND app, and incorporates elements of gamification, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to individualize and engage participants.

Real-time reporting allows campaign managers to see those in the target audience who are (and are not) engaged in the campaign, and adjust the content and engagement strategies accordingly. It also allows governments and communities to get up-to-date data on the progress and effectiveness of their campaign.

Campaigns can be tailored to fit the needs of your state and communities. 

Why FEND Works

Evidence-Based Research

FEND and its technology platform has been thoroughly tested and researched. Evidence-based research by subject-matter experts in public health, addiction, treatment, recovery, behavioral science, gamification and contingency management specialists help develop the content and missions in the FEND app campaign.


FEND uses a cutting-edge technology platform that allows the FEND team to build, deploy, update and monitor the campaign from a back-end CMS. It also allows the end-users to engage in the campaign from the FEND app.  


A key element to the successful engagement rates is the use of gamification in the app. Combining gaming elements such as rewards, badges and leaderboards with behavior change and motivation theories can engage users in ways that increase their motivation to adopt healthy behaviors.


 A key component of FEND is engaging musicians and artists to interact with youth to spread the word on the danger of opioids. A number of bands and artists have already come on board to support FEND. 


FEND is becoming an iconic streetwear brand, with youth, bands and athletes from around the world wearing FEND gear. Many of the prizes and giveaways associated with FEND will be in the form of FEND merchandise. FEND streetwear can be purchased online at www.wearefend.org


FEND will partner with sports teams and athletes to help engage youth to use the app. Videos from athletes and sports teams can be embedded into the app, teaching youth about safe opioid use, as well as giving encouragement.

Empowering Youth

FEND empowers young people to take control of their health, make informed choices, and take a stand against opioids.

Feedback from app users

“I’ve heard how dangerous opioids are, but nobody tells me why and what I can do if someone is overdosing. This app has really taught me what to do how to help and really makes me want to spread awareness because this is so serious. This doesn’t just target a specific group of teens but everyone is vulnerable in this situation because anyone can be prescribed this drug. I would love to learn so much more, but in the meantime I’m glad I know how to help.”

Jesse - Aged 16


“I grew up in a town that had a lot of kids my age abusing drugs.  We had a few overdoses in our school bathroom. Growing up around the drugs and seeing how many different people it can effect shows you that drug addiction knows no race, it knows no gender, and it definitely knows no limits. I could watch the smartest people around me slowly deteriorate because they tried something once and got addicted. Every day I worry that there’s going to be another drug related overdose from someone I grew up with. With this movement, I have learned more than I could have ever imagined, I have learned it effects even the people you wouldn’t expect. I have learned that drug abuse is an epidemic and I now know what to do if someone is overdosing. Hopefully I will never have to use that knowledge”

Josh - Aged 18


“Being a teen, I’m constantly exposed to drugs and substance abuse. I have friends who struggle or have struggled with addiction in the past. I feel like people my age don’t understand how serious addictions can be. We see it everyday, yet don’t say much until it’s too late. No one should feel ashamed or scared to ask for help. Seeing movements like this app make me feel hopeful. Everyone should learn about addiction and how to help. We can be the change.”

Tyler - Aged 17


“I’m currently training to become a first responder and I can’t explain how valuable this information is. Being able to identify and treat opioid overdoses can be the difference between life and death. One of the worst calls I saw involved drugs, a bunch of teenagers mixed drugs in a bowl and took the pills, if someone was there to say something or help treat them maybe it could have turned out differently.  The information this app provides is priceless. PLEASE even if you don’t think you’ll ever need this information, take it to heart, if just one person can be saved from this campaign then it’ll have been a success. No one should ever have to die from opioids; save a family the pain, save a life..”

Maddison - Aged 20


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