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We strive to improve health outcomes and save lives by bringing together researchers and technologists to find innovative and effective solutions to address large-scale public health challenges.
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The youth opioid epidemic has hit crisis point. Teens and young adults are facing addiction, ruined lives, even death – and few know where to turn. It’s time to empower our youth to take control of their own health, arm them with the facts, and encourage them to live their life with Full Energy, No Drugs (FEND). The FEND Movement empowers youth to take a stand against opioids.

Fend app

Win a concert in your town with the fend app

The Movement
Combining cutting edge technology, music and fashion, FEND speaks directly to young people, in a language they can understand.

Knowledge is power after all – and FEND enables
youth to take the lead, join forces, and beat the crisis together.

To develop FEND, Preventum Initiative has partnered with leading digital health company iPug to develop the FEND digital experience, which includes gamification and machine learning elements.

win a concert in your community with the FEND app

Participants earn points, rewards and prizes for learning.

Prizes include a trip for 2 to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame – VWT Exhibit. Prize includes VIP passes, round-trip airfares, accomodation, and more…

The zip code with the most FEND app users will win a VWT produced concert in their community.

welcome to FEND